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Principal's Message

  Welcome to Watkins Middle School!  It has been my pleasure to serve as the Principal of Watkins Middle School since the fall of 2021.  Working with the students, staff, and community members of Southwest Licking continues to be an enjoyable and fulfilling endeavor. 

  As we approach the beginning of the 2023-24 school year the Administration and Staff will look to increase student success through a variety of rigorous and innovative instructional approaches to learning.  We aim to support students where they are at academically while providing exploratory experiences as they navigate middle school in preparation for high school.  These experiences align directly to our building Vision statement that speaks to equipping students to be future assets in the community.  As always, during the student journey through middle school we look to partner with parents to ensure that every Warrior leaves our building embodying the character traits we say as a part of our daily PBIS pledge to be “respectful, responsible, and resourceful”.

  The 2023-24 school year looks to build on the success of recent years by continuing to develop opportunities and supports for students.  Watkins Middle will begin offering Computer Science specific courses for students as a part of the development of a CS Pathway that will connect with a student's high school experience.  The development of the skills mirrors the types of skills students will need to be exposed to as the ever changing landscape of technology and career options occur.  We look forward to the hope and promise of the coming school year.  Please continue to support our teachers and staff in their endeavors to help students continue to build on the “Warrior Way”!


Jared Ball

Principal WMS