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Watkins Middle School

8868 Watkins Rd, Pataskala, Oh 43062

Phone:  (740) 927-5767

Attendance:  (740) 927-6807

Fax:  (740) 927-2337

WMS Students Embrace the "Warrior Way"

The Admin Team: Mrs. Keene, Mr. Ball, and Mr. Hare

Students building the aquaponics system 

Students participated in the Licking County chickquest during the school year.

The WMS music department consists of Band, Orchestra, and Choir classes that students in all three grades can partake in.

The WMS choir took home a gold award for their performance at the spring Kings Island concert.

Students in Advanced Art designed, developed, and screen printed their own "cause" t-shirts during Mrs. Matheny's classes this year.

Students at WMS can take three levels of Ag classes during their middle school expience.  Intro and Advanced Environmental Sustainability as well as the 8th grade elective of AFNR (Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources).

Student choice is a center piece of the Art curriculum in both digital, foundational, and advanced Art classes.

Mrs. Bower's students explored the archeitectural designs of Roman aquaducts by building and testing out their own designs.

Students in Advanced Art classes crafting their ceramics projects.

Ceramics projects sometimes take on the role of developing a need for everyday life.  See a phone sound amplifier here.

Students at WMS get to self select clubs to partake in each Friday as a part of FOCUS block.  Here students can be seen participating in club sports group.

A 7th grade student sharing her cultural heritage with an 8th grade Spanish 1 class learning about different Spanish speaking cultures.

Mrs. Karpuz and several students running an Ag fundraiser for the middle school program.

Mrs. Hayes teaches an introductory to Theater course at WMS.  Students work to perform a play for Elementary students during the course of the year.

Mr. Schone working with a group of 7th graders on their drill powered go cart designs.  The aim was to see who could travel the farthest.

Ms. Prater and Ms. Sultzbach can be seen here preparing to teach their 6th grade Humanities class.  During the course of the year students engage in multiple experiential learning lessons.

Students in Mrs. Hayes and Mr. Harrison's classes walked to Kirkersville Elementary to read to groups of Elementary students.

A major 21st century skill involves being able to work cohesively with others.  Students in Mrs. Heath's classes are encouraged to work collaboratively during many of their lessons.

Intro to Environmental Sustainability classes develop a base core knowledge of food and plant Science that leads to the upper level Ag classes.

Sixth grade students working on their Common Core math skills.

8th grade students all earn high school credit for Health.  Students here are presenting on mental health disorders.

Mrs. Savage won a grant several years ago that has allowed us to offer entry level piano skills for students

A major component of PBL (project and problem based learning) is a public sharout of information.  7th grade social studies students here are teaching the rest of their class about an ancient civilization.

Students in Mr. Cotner and Mrs. Redfern's 7th grade Science classes got a shocking experience as they used connector sets to design their own circuit systems.

8th grade Science students broke out the bunsen burners to explore the impacts of heat on a variety of items.

Lab learning opportunities are vital to expanding the students understanding of Scientific principals.

Math Jengo for the score

Mrs. Rahm's students dug deep into plant biology when they undertook a pumpkins disection. 

How does Soil contribute to growth?  students were able to experiment with the variety of items to determine this very thing.

Humanities students investigated a variety of book types through their experiential learning day.

A doctor to the waiting room please.  More Humanities experiential learning opportunities.

Assistant Superintendent Tanchevski took matters into his own hands as he tested out a student chair design.

Did you know that WMS has its own student ran newspaper?  The Warrior Press sends out monthly editions starting each fall.

8th grade students are able to sign up for weightlifting with Mr. Smith during semester length classes.

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