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Watkins Middle School

8868 Watkins Rd, Pataskala, Oh 43062

Phone:  (740) 927-5767

Attendance:  (740) 927-5807

Fax:  (740) 927-2339

WMS Students Embrace the "Warrior Way"

The Admin Team: Mrs. Keene, Mr. Ball, and Mr. Hare

Ohio STEM Learning Network Green Energy grant winners

Students select for 1st overall in the fair

WMS students piloted a brand new theater program during the new year.  During the fall students performed a puppet show themed around bullying for SWL elementary students

The winning prototype for the OSLN grant, for what will be the development of a food forrest

Students building the aquaponics system 

8th grade students took on the staff in an end of year staff vs. students softball game

The students and staff will transition to the renovated middle school building during the week of October 27th.

Environmental Sustainability students crafted food with their crops for a staff taste testing.

WMS piloted Ag electives this year.  Students in the fall crafted raised garden beds for crop growth.

Students and staff participated in Hawaiian shirt day during a spring spirit week.

Students participated in the Licking County chickquest during the school year.

All students were able to attend two separate dances during the course of the year.

Students participate in a variety of PBIS incentives, like Hungry Hippos, during the school year.

Students at WMS are able to take a series of Engineering courses as a part of their 6th-8th grade experience.

Staff were willing take one for the team to fulfill student state testing incentives.

Sixth grade students take double blocked Math and Humanities (Language Arts & Social Studies).  Students are seen here participating in a "book tasting".

Students in Mrs. Booher's classes participating in a Socratic seminar.

The WMS mantra for the year was "Fall Forward".  The students and staff embraced mistakes as a part of the learning process and a growth mindset.

The WMS music department rediscovered live music as a part of their performances welcoming community members back into the building after a multi year hiatus.

The WMS choir took home a gold award for their performance at the spring Kings Island concert.

First page of the PDF file: FallPictureRetakes

     The dance will be open only to WMS students.

  1. Tickets will be $5 and go on sale the week of the dance.
  2. Students with any OSS, ISS, or two hour detentions will be ineligible to attend.
  3. Attending students will be able to purchase additional snacks for cash at the dance.
  4. Students cannot walk over to the home football game. A parent must pick up the attendee at the dance.

Administrative Staff


Jared Ball

Assistant Principal

Shannon Keene

Dean of Students

Steve Hare

Secretarial Staff

Attendance Secretary


Kristina Derry

Principal Secretary

Michelle Whisman